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Véronique Beaupré has been a hair extension specialist for almost 10 years and counts many celebrities, including Caroline Néron, Geneviève Borne and Kim Rusk among her clients. Feeling a little curious? Check out her virtual consultation.
* New clients must first book a preliminary free consultation.

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Great Lengths
Strands of human hair imported from India. Can be used to thicken, lengthen or add colour effects to obtain just the look you want. Lasts 3 to 6 months. 200+

Book an appointment with a local B expert every six weeks. Cost: includes a blow out as well as maintenance 50+.

Based according to your needs. Each extension costs between 13 and 15. To thicken hair, approximately 25 to 50 extensions are needed. To lengthen hair, approximately 40 to 200 extensions are needed. To add a boost of colour to hair, approximately 5 to 35 extensions are needed.

By appointment only.

Price per 25-strand bundle (Ombre by request):
8 inches 200
12 inches 225
16 inches 245
20 inches 270
24 inches 330

Maintenance Products
Each head of hair is different and has its own special needs. Your hair expert will create a personalized cocktail that is adapted specifically to what you require.


The days when bars announced that "women are welcome" are long gone. Thanks to tempting prices, it’s the men’s turn to venture into the world of feminine beauty!

Men's Cut 35+
Women's Cut and Blow Dry 50+
Blow Dry 35+
Updo 70+
Bang 15+

Student Rates
With selected hairdressers only (Must be a full time student, of the age of 25 or less, living in Quebec with presentation of student card.)


Whether it’s to accentuate your eyes or create an irresistible pout, our expert makeup artists can add a final beautiful touch to your overall look. It might be for a wedding or an after-work cinq à sept – any excuse is a great reason to stay just a little bit longer and enjoy the services at local B.
* Our makeup artists will use local B products.

Free consultation
Touch-up 20
Day Look 50+
Evening Look 65+
Course 75+
False Eyelashes 25
Eyes 30+
Eyebrows 15-25+
Touch of Radiance free/at your discretion
Private Lesson 90+
* 15 % discount on local B makeup products used for the session
Makeup Party! 50/person
5 à 7 – makeup demonstrations and tips (5-to-10 people)


Our experts practice colour techniques based upon the artistry of L’Oréal Professionnel. Thanks to technologically innovative products and shades inspired from the latest trends, your stylist will be able to fully reveal their talent while creating a look that’s guaranteed to make you smile!
* Prices do not include styling.

Free consultation
Single Colour 50+
Shine Treatment 35+
Glossing 35

Colour Correction 85+
Ammonia-Free INOA 60+

Half Head (Partial) 85-120+
Root Retouch 45
Full head 125-160+
Texturizer 75-125 + incoloration
Sun Streaks 95+
"Ombre Hair" 125+


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Bio-Stimulation to stabilize hair loss

In order to remain at the forefront of new technologies, Local B is now offering the Bio-Stimulation laser treatment. This revolutionary treatment helps stabilize excessive hair loss, while reversing hair weakening. Thanks to red laser diodes that provide energy to hair follicles, this treatment increases blood flow, resulting in the growth of stronger and healthier hair.

Are you interested?

Don’t wait any longer. The consultation is free.

Ask for Isabelle
+1 514 766 8444

Ideal for:
Hereditary hair loss
Hair loss following a pregnancy
For men and women


Nothing is more blissful than the pleasure of sharing! Local B offers patrons the chance to combine different services to create the ultimate made-to-measure experience. Two combined services 55+


Stress, pollution, hair colouring … Local B’s hair treatments are as good for the spirit as they are for the scalp. Our star treatments? The Eco-cure, the Hydrator, the Energizer, the Thickener and the Relaxer. Performed in a private room, each treatment features a massage and herbal tea.

Free consultation.

Shu Uemura Ceremony 25 60 100

Kérastase Ritual 35

L’Oréal Professionnel Color Protection Treatment

A specially selected mask according to your hair type. 10

Essential for repairing damaged hair.
Enriched with seawater, it helps revitalize and fortify the hair. 45+

A smoothing mask for very curly or unruly hair. It leaves locks naturally shiny, soft and manageable. 195+

A single ampoule is all it takes to restore collagen in hair fibres. It fortifies the hair, leaving it with renewed shine and health. The effects last for 6 to 8 shampoos. A diagnostic will be conducted to determine your hair type. 25+


For the past three years, Caroline Néron has been one of Véronique Beaupré’s regular clients. The women have developed a friendship while also cultivating their passion for beauty. Véronique has been wearing Caroline Néron jewellery since the business was launched. You will find the latest collection of Caroline Néron jewellery at local B. 45+


Nail and Hand Care
Manicure: 25
Spa manicure: 35 - includes exfoliation and deep penetrating hand butter treatment
Flash manicure: 15
Full set of nails with permanent French manicure:
Full set of nails with regular manicure: 50
Refill French manicure: 40
Refill Regular manicure: 30
French manicure: 5+
Artificial Nails: 50-60+
Filling: 30-40
Foot & Hand Duo: 65
Nail Polish: 10-15

Foot Care
Spa pedicure: 50
Flash pedicure: 30
Polish change: 18 - add 5 for a French polish
Hydrating soothing mask: 8+

Full legs: 40
1/2 leg: 25
Thighs: 25
Bikini: 20
Brazilian: 35
Full legs + bikini: 40
Full legs + Brazilian: 55
Full arms: 25
1/2 arm: 18
Underarms: 10
Eyebrows: 15
Upper lip-chin: 10
Back: 25-40
Chest: 25-40


Fitting 250
Refill 50+
Brows 15
Lash Extensions 250
Filing 50
Touch-Ups 50/h


A high-lighting technique that creates a beautiful, sun-kissed looked. The hair’s original colour is kept at the roots and light shades are added at mid-length. The result: a play of light and dark tones that add gloss and shine. 125 +

local B makeup collection

Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, unscented and paraben-free, the products featured in the local B makeup collection have been carefully selected by our makeup artist. All the essentials are united in a minimalist packaging, at prices that are ultra-reasonable. The textures and colors will immediately help you feel and look beautiful. No matter your age or style, Pascale will steer you in the right direction when it comes to selecting your perfect shades.

All products from the local B makeup collection are available for retail.
Price of products 15+
Express Makeup 35+
Complete Makeup 70+

Eyebrow Bar

Eyebrow shaping is often an overlooked, but absolutely essential beauty ritual. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the beautiful frame that surrounds them.

An attractively shaped brow can completely alter the look of a face. Let Pascale Grenier, our expert makeup artist, transform you. With over 15 years of experience, she’ll show you that a 20 minute eyebrow shaping is as effective as a mini-lift!

Eyebrow shaping : ​25