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Beaute Bar A Coupe Bonheur Bar A Colation Bijoux Biographie

Beauty; noun.

Beauty characterizes a person, place, object or idea that creates the perception of pleasure or satisfaction. Those that exhibit the quality are often viewed as creating feelings of attraction and well-being because of their harmonious relationship with nature.

Bliss; noun.

Bliss is a state of completeness and satisfaction, an agreeable condition that demonstrates balance between the spirit and the body, a state where suffering, anxiety and trouble are absent.

Bling; noun.

A luxurious piece of jewellery made from precious materials and elegantly sculpted, a piece used for ornamentation and finery.

Blond; adjective.

Describes people who are fair-haired, with low levels of dark pigment in their hair. Shades vary from pale blond, to a reddish strawberry blond as well as the dark golden-brown blond.

Blow dry; verb.

To dry and style one’s hair using a blow dryer, which aims heated air at the hair. Using coordinated vertical and horizontal hand movements, the hair is dried and set into place using the machine.


One step into local B and you immediately sense the incredible energy of the most dynamic duo the hair industry has ever produced: Véronique Beaupré and Linda Lapointe. While each co-owner is a master of her own domain – one is an award-winning hair artist, the other a seasoned entrepreneur -, they continuously inspire each other to push local B to new creative heights, while offering their clients a sublime beauty experience in a welcoming, eco-friendly setting.

Founded in 2009, local B’s mission is to highlight the individuality of each and every client while inspiring them to unleash their inner beauty with the help of the team’s expertise. local B experts not only display a heightened sense of artistry, but also a technical mastery on the cutting edge of fashion, which leads to outstanding results.

In addition to offering superb cuts, colour and extensions, local B’s list of beauty services includes nail and eyebrow treatments as well as make-up application and advice, all featuring local B products that are available both in the salon and online – click on Shop.

Respect for the environment, loyalty and a healthy self-image are at the heart of the local B philosophy.

B for Beauty, B for Bliss!